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Auf der Suche nach dem vermeintlich perfekten Porno kann einem schonmal die Lust vergehen...

Zabet Patterson beschreibt dieses Phänomen des potenziell endlosen, exzessiven Suchprozesses nach dem perfekten Video wie folgt:

"The nearly perfect image, the one that comes closest to approximating one’s desire […] still only offers momentary satisfaction; in fact, images close to one’s desire can provoke anxiety because they might cause the end of Web surfing. The subject is faced with a choice – will this be the last image? Even if the viewer knows he or she is unlikely to find one better, he will often continue on, forgoing the pleasures of the known for the pleasures (often through frustration) of the unknown. The user constantly shifts on to new images – and in this process, new delays – in an endless slippage of desire in which part of the pleasure derives from habitual repetition and habitual deferral."

(Patterson, Zabet (2004): Going On-line. Consuming Pornography in the Digital Era. In: Linda Williams (Hg.): Porn studies. Durham: Duke University Press, S. 108.)

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